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Workplace accidents

Workplace accidents aren’t just limited to construction or physically demanding jobs, but workplace accidents can occur in any office or place of business.

In Western Australia any injury or harm sustained in the workplace is usually covered by an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. However In cases involving gross negligence on the part of an employer or other third party you may be able to recover additional damages through a civil lawsuit. This is especially important in cases involving serious injuries that may result in long-term disability, physical pain and emotional suffering.

Western Australia’s Mining and industrial workforce’s perform some of the most dangerous jobs having to navigate on a daily basis; equipment failure, falling objects, dangerous chemicals, unsafe surfaces and more. Which is why our team undertake a forensic investigation to provide liability ensuring you can fight for the compensation you deserve.

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An injury at work resulting in workers compensation can be a troubling time with medical costs, pain and suffering, in home care, plus the uncertainly of employment and income can start to build up. Disputes at WorkCover can be very confusing and stressful. The team at Lian hall will guide you though through each stage at WorkCover and work towards achieving maximum compensation.

Common Work place accidents.

  • Construction site accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Manufacturing accidents
  • Electrocution or Burns
  • Accidents in mines and offshore
  • Injuries to harbor workers
  • Injuries in warehouses, freight yards and ports
  • Falls from heights and blunt force impact from falling objects
  • Injuries while operating machines
  • Toxic exposure
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At Lian Hall, our focus is Personal Injury law and we are dedicated to helping those who’s lives have been wronged due to the actions of another.

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Client Testimonials

G’day Lian(and Jason)

on behalf of Lilly, thank you very much for the speed and professionalism you have demonstrated throughout the handling of this case.

From the beginning you showed us what to do or not do and the benefits that could/may be achieved.

We have not dealt with lawyers before, but have heard some horrific stories.

From the beginning you made us feel very comfortable and that you were not here to rip us off.

Again, thank you.


Lilly M.

It is a pretty harrowing experience being involved in a workers compensation claim. But not with Lian Hall and his team. His knowledge is second to none and most importantly, Lian and his team are always contactable.  I found throughout my workers compensation claim journey that being contactable was the single most important aspect for me. Pick up the phone. Make the call. No question too big or small. Lian was always there. He understands people. He gets it. Highly Recommended.” 


“I had a motorcycle in June 2019, I was left with significant disabilities preventing me from working in my previous occupation. Straight away I was angry with the other driver and starting falling into states of depression not knowing what was going to happen with my future. I was recommended Mr Lian Hall by a friend, after the first meeting I knew what the process was going to be, he gave me excellent straight cut no bullshit advice along the way, I could email or call him anytime and get an immediate response. Little things like quick responses made me feel better, Lian was unknowingly acting as a counselor by sending an email or a quick call just checking in on me which kept me from getting down again. It was a long road but I was blessed the day I got Lian’s’ number, they’ve done marvelous work for me. I was very happy with the outcome. I can’t thank Lian and Jason enough.”


“I had a car accident 6 years ago and needed some legal help.   Lian Hall and Jason Rogers were kind enough to help me out, over this time they invested many hours of research to get me the best possible outcome.

My case was very complicated but they had no problem in getting things done.  I found them to be very thorough and professional at all times, but mostly they were very friendly and easy to talk to and very friendly.

I have no problem recommending them to anyone who needs help.  I had a good outcome and I am a very happy man”


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information for

It is always worth looking into your claim and getting advice. We have seen people who feel ok after an accident but then as time goes by injuries don’t go away, they start to become symptomatic and you need treatment. Do not be in a rush to dismiss your claim. Have somebody look into it and get experienced advice.

Nothing. We are always happy to chat and discuss what’s on your mind about your accident or existing claim. You will not be charged for the initial chat or consultation.

  • You need to chat to your employers HR and get a Workers Compensation Claim form. Or you can download the form from:
  • You then need to have your GP complete First Certificate of Capacity.
  • Both forms will need to be handed to your employer.
  • This must be done as soon as reasonably possible after your injury. If you wait too long there could be difficulties in getting your claim accepted.
  • It is important to start your claim with the correct information and processes. Call us for a chat.

Workers Compensation claims are slightly different to other types of claims. In workers’ comp claims you will usually claim your lost earnings, treatment and vocational rehabilitation expenses and travel, and possibly a lump sum if you want to redeem your entitlements.

In Common Law claims, such as car accident and public liability claims, you can potentially claim:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of amenities;
  • Your lost wages;
  • Any loss of wages into the future;
  • The lost contributions to your superannuation fund;
  • Treatment expenses;
  • The value of any services provided by family and friends;
  • Travel costs

Once fault is determined, injury law is designed to compensate you for your injuries. As a general guide, once your injuries have medically stabilized your losses can be assessed. In other words, once your doctor is happy that they can project what treatment you will likely need, the effect of your injuries and restrictions on your employment, your prognosis etc, then you claim can progress to an assessment and settlement. Each case will be different. The longer it takes for your injuries to stabilize, the longer your claim will take to settle.

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