With over 20 years of experience here in Western Australia

Far too often an innocent member of the public suffers an accident that affects them physically or mentally, without any repercussions or compensations. To the experienced team here at Lian Hall, this is unfair and an injustice that we want to change. 

With 20 years of experience working as personal injury lawyers in Perth, our knowledge of the WA claims system makes us a skilled force to be reckoned with. When you combine that with our drive to help each individual we work with to get the settlement they deserve, your chances of success are through the roof.

Personal injury specialists    

Navigating the world of injury law is not for the faint hearted, but this is our specialty. We have wide experience and many compensation wins in public liability claims, car accidents, workplace injuries, and criminal injuries compensation. 

If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault, be it large or small, that resulted in an injury you may be entitled to compensation. We know that this can be confusing and stressful to navigate, which is why our friendly team of injury lawyers here in Perth, WA, are happy to discuss your accident or existing claim with you at a free consultation.  

Wealth of experience 

When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of WA injury law, you need someone with long-term experience. Personal injury cases can be stressful and complicated and by choosing an inexperienced lawyer this will only add to this. That is why we strongly recommend that you choose somebody with a proven track record in personal injury and compensation claims, and who works in Western Australia and knows the Western Australian compensation laws. 

Lian Hall has been practicing injury law for over 20 years, right here in Western Australia. This knowledge and understanding of local law, and the absolute best method to approach a criminal injury case or a public liability claim or a car accident claim, makes this team one of the top personal injury lawyers in Perth. 

A record of success  

One of the main reasons for our success is that we treat each and every client as a unique accident with a unique injury claim. We truly believe that the accident was not your fault and that you deserve the maximum compensation for your injury. Our winning track record shows that we fight hard for each client.

We strive to be amongst the best personal injury lawyers in Perth and to do this we take time to understand your accident and your story and how the accident and your injuries affected you. Our personal approach has attracted rave reviews from clients as well as recognition within the field:  we’ve been listed as Recommended Lawyer in WA in Doyles Guide for motor vehicle accidents (2020), workers compensation (2019), and public liability (2020).

Perth based injury lawyers

Having spent 20 years working as personal injury lawyers right here in Perth, WA, we believe that to bring a local claim you need a local specialist in order to truly maximise your chances of success. With Lian Hall you will not have to deal with anyone on the East Coast, and each member of our close knit team is 100% invested in your successful claim. 

We believe that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and that we have the skillset and niche knowledge to make that happen. For more information on our personal injury claim, the process, or to have a no obligations chat about an incident, simply get in touch today.