Can I Change My Compensation Lawyer In The Middle Of My Claim?

Switching lawyers in the middle of your compensation claim in Perth is easier than you think. It is relatively common for clients to change lawyers. The common reasons that we hear when clients move their case to Lian Hall Injury Law is that:

  • Their old lawyers has left the firm;
  • There have been too many different people handling their case;
  • Things are taking too long;
  • Their lawyer never calls them back;
  • They haven’t heard from their lawyer in ages;
  • They can’t get hold of their lawyer in spite of leaving messages;
  • They don’t understand their lawyer’s advice;
  • They want a second opinion;
  • They have been made an offer that is much lower than expected.

Does My Case Have To Start All Over Again?

No. If your case has started then your new lawyer does not have to start your case all over again. Your new lawyer will need some time to get your file from your old lawyer, and then some time to review where your case is at, and will then jump in where your old lawyer left off.

What Are The Costs Of Changing Lawyer?

The costs owed to your old lawyer are covered by your cost agreement. Your old lawyer might have paid for medical reports or Court filing fees. In addition they may have done a lot of work on your file. Get your new lawyer to give you advice on whether your file can be transferred on the basis of No-win No-fee, or whether an arrangement can be made so that your old lawyer’s costs are only paid when you settle your claim. Lian Hall Injury Law can help you to understand what can be done.

Why Switch To Lian Hall Injury Law

You only get one chance to run your case. We help most clients on a No Win No Fee basis. Lian Hall Injury Law is a recommended law firm in Perth in the areas of Accident Compensation, Workers Compensation, Public Liability claims and Car Accident Compensation claims.  We have never received a complaint or query about our costs and charges and have a reputation for good practical advice and getting your claim moving quickly. Moving to us is easier than you think. Contact us for a no-obligations confidential chat.